FreemanCity v2

Freeman City v1 was created for Half-life 2 deathmatch roleplay and is now recieving a major overhaul with this version two release. This FreemanCity v2 is the definitive reimagining boasting support for multiple games and a completely brand new experience.


What is the map called in my maps list?
rp_fmc2, It will be under Roleplay or Other.

Do I need any other DLC or games to play it?
Everything is in this one download. No special games or content needed.

Can I edit or build off your existing map?
Yes, however I will not provide support. Proper credit must be given to myself and any additionally credited individuals or groups. Where ever the modification of property is posted.


Models & textures provided kindly by PixelTail Games LLC; Gmod Tower, Elevator: Source.